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I hope you’re doing well and enjoying the warmer weather.

With the official arrival of spring, flowers won’t be blooming here in Calgary for quite awhile yet, but I’m definitely feeling the urge for some spring cleaning and organizing at Suzie Q Studio!… How about you? Are you feeling the same β€œSpring Cleaning” vibe?

For the last while I’ve been mostly hunkered down in my office, focused on computer-based projects such as the new Suzie Q branding and website and not venturing into the actual β€œstudio” part of SQS β€œheadquarters” all that often. Anytime spent there was to search for stuff and, true confession, not taking the time to tidy up afterwards, which was behaviour that I repeated for a long time… Bad Suzie!

PLUS, you know how IKEA always gives you the weight limit for their products? Well, take it from me, it’s something to absolutely pay attention to!

I have a β€œSecret Stash” of mostly vintage DIY jewellery-making treasures that are stored an a bazillion clear, shoebox-style storage containers. Instead of stacking them on several shelves, they were stacked onto one shelf, so that more of the boxes would fit. This was fine for a couple of years, until one day when it wasn’t.

My studio has two rooms: a large main room and one that's smaller. One day, I went into the smaller room to, once again, search for something (a prop for a photo shoot, I think), only to discover a ton of the storage boxes had come crashing down from the IKEA shelf, with all of the contents of each one scattered everywhere!… What a total MESS!

The only tidying up I had time to do at the time, was to randomly squeeze stuff back into the boxes to get them off the floor, vowing one day to do a thorough cleaning and organizing of the entire studio.

Well, the time for the big "STUDIO CLEAN" has finally come!

After all, it's spring, which is a time for renewal and fresh beginnings. I can't wait to get started and, more importantly, feeling great with the finished results of a well-organized space :-)

FYI... When I embark on this major organizing odyssey around mid-April, at the same time I'll be amassing lots of fabulous DIY Jewellery-making stuff to add to the Suzie Q website... Sound good to all of you makers out there?

In the meantime, do you know what a "Horse Bridle Rosette" is???


MY MOTHERS BUTTONS is handcrafted, one-of-a-kind jewelry created by Linda Wright and her daughter in their β€œbutton studio” in Edmonds, Washington, since 1992. These β€œheirloom-urban chic" pieces feature the finest antique buttons from the opulent era of the mid 1800s-1940s that are collected in France and all over Europe.

While treasure hunting for vintage buttons, Linda discovered glass-domed, bridle rosettes, which were a decoration for horse bridles that first became popular in the Victorian age of the late 1800s - early 1900s. Horse Bridle Rosettes are ultra-rare and incorporate colourful artwork that was popular for scrapbook die-cuts and calling cards during that time period, which Linda thought would be fantastic as statement-making, necklace pendants!… She’s totally right about that, don’t you agree?!

PLEASE NOTE:  Bridle Rosettes were worn by actual horses a very long time ago, so each one shows markings of wear and tear, some more so than others, which only adds to the character of these unique pieces, and therefore sold in β€œas is” condition.


The "Horse Bridle Rosette Pendant" shown here is called, "FLAMINGO FANTASTICO!"... Isn't it precious? Take a look at the other five pendants:







Suzie Q Studio has FREE local PICK-UP available at the central Calgary location of: "Wood You Believe And More" (WYBAM), which is a fab gift and home decor shop, owned by Vicky Atkins and is located inside the Crossroads Market, in the inner-city neighbourhood of Ramsay.

For MORE INFO about "Wood You Believe And More" CLICK >>> HERE


"I just wanted to tell you that I admire your "thinking outside the box" in order to be able to make a donation to the Ukraine.  Most people would not take the trouble to do that."

--- Kay C.  Calgary, AB

Once again, a big  *Thank You*  to Kay C. and  everyone who has purchased one or more of the Ukraine-inspired, BEAD STEW jewelry-making kits that were created as a fundraiser to support the devastating war in Ukraine.

Because Suzie Q Studio is donating the time and materials for this fundraiser, 100% of the purchase price of the kits will be donated to Red Cross Canada.

So far, over $600 has been raised and I'm hoping to get to the maximum amount of $1100. Can I count on your help with achieving this goal?



Because Ukraine is known as the "Breadbasket of Europe" with its extensive fertile farmlands, a field of wheat under a spectacular blue sky, as well as the Ukrainian flag, is the inspiration for this BEAD STEW Ukraine Fundraiser kit.


#peaceforukraine "Field and Sky"

Along with one of these sweet "Heart Charm" dangles and contributing to an important humanitarian cause, your purchase of a Ukraine-inspired BEAD STEW Kit has other benefits too:

  • You can wear your SUPPORT FOR UKRAINE on your wrist
  • 2-3 hours of "Good Creative Fun"
  • Being creative is medically proven to be essential to your health and well-being... So, it's a great way to diminish any stress you might be experiencing
  • You can make your BEAD STEW bracelet and give it as a handmade "gift from the heart" to someone special in your life
  • Purchase multiple kits for a fun activity with friends and/or family
  • Give a BEAD STEW Ukraine-inspired kit as a gift to one of your crafty gal-pals

I'd love to be able to sell out both of my Ukraine-inspired fundraiser BEAD STEW kits, so whatever you decide to do with one of these fab kits, it'll definitely feel good to know you're helping, "ONE-BEAD-AT-A-TIME"!


THE TIME IS GETTING CLOSER to the release some ultra-rare and extraordinary pieces of precious Trollbeads history from my vault of Troll treasures!

SEE BELOW for some of

what's coming your way EARLY APRIL...


Very soon, TWO SETS of the Ultra-Rare (new and never worn) Trollbeads "TIBET BEADS" will be available at Suzie Q Studio in early April, as well as some individual Tibet Beads.

SO, what's so SPECIAL about "TIBET BEADS"?


In the meantime, if you've never seen the fascinating process of making a glass Trollbead, CLICK on the BUTTON below:

Ultra-Rare & Retired



The 10 sterling silver beads featured in the "CHINA BEADS" set are some of the most detailed beads ever created in the 40+ year history of Trollbeads. Along with the 10 colorful jade beads, this set, which was released in 2009, is considered to be the "holy grail" of all Trollbeads by a lot of collectors all over the world.

Have you ever wondered how a sterling silver Trollbead is made? It's an incredibly intricate and interesting process. You can see for yourself what I mean by checking out the following Suzie Q Diary >>> BLOG POST... It's truly amazing!

ONLY ONE entire set of the ultra-rare "China Beads", as well as ONE SET of 10 of the sterling silver "China Beads" will be available exclusively at Suzie Q Studio early in April, with the exact date and pricing T.B.A. so stay tuned!

For MORE DETAILS about this incredible set of Trollbeads, please CLICK the button BELOW:

Watch this space for

MORE super-fab


in next week's eNEWSLETTER!

In the meantime...


Not already familiar

with BEAD STEW jewelry-making kits?

Do you feel overwhelmed by all of the head-spinning choices when you visit a bead store? Or maybe you’re insecure about your artistic abilities, but you want a dose of some healthy, stress-free, creativity in your life? Well, Suzie Q Studio has the answer with our Serendipity BEAD STEW Jewelry-Making Kits!

BEAD STEW kits contain all of the scrumptious ingredients needed for you to create a one-of-a-kind, bangle-style bracelet, with absolutely no β€œcrafty” experience required, so no matter how you add the beads to the β€œmemory” bracelet wire... PRESTO!… You are guaranteed to have fab, professional results with a creation you’ll be proud to say, β€œLook what I made!”.

PLUS, you now also have the versatility to make S-T-R-E-T-C-H-Y "roll-on" style bracelets, which only requires a pair of pointy scissors to make, because both bangle wire AND stretchy cord are included in our BEAD STEW kits... It's always good to have options. right?!

And, that's not all... You can "Go Beyond The Bracelet" to make other types of unique, one-of-a-kind jewelry with just three ultra-simple jewelry-making techniques and adding some extra beads and components from your own bead stash!


FYI... All of the unique, premium-quality beads in BEAD STEW kits are artfully, hand-selected by the "Bead Whisperer" experts here at Suzie Q Studio, in very limited editions. Once each edition is sold out, that's it, the same bead combo is never created again.

Are you wondering just how EASY it really is to make a "bangle" or "stretchy" style bracelets? If so, see for yourself by taking a look at the instructional VIDEOS we have by CLICKING >>> HERE!


Suzie Q Studio gift cards make gift-giving easy, and they're great for any occasion!

A Suzie Q Studio gift card actually gives twice!... Not only does someone have the fun of treasure hunting on Suzie's always evolving website, but they also get a unique, often one-of-a-kind, gift that they absolutely love.


Gift cards are delivered by email and contain instructions to redeem them at checkout.

Suzie Q Studio gift cards are available in various denominations, have no additional processing fees and never expire.